Bio-Renewable Cleaner is Formulated for Aluminum and Nonferrous Alloys

CB 100 ALU is a water-based solution that leverages the power of Nature Boost.

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CB 100 ALU from Bio-Circle, a division of Walter Surface Technologies, is the newest in the company’s lineup of bio-renewable cleaners and degreasers. CB 100 ALU is a heavy-duty cleaner and degreaser specially formulated for use on aluminum and nonferrous alloys. Similar to the original CB 100 cleaning solution made for steel and stainless steel, CB 100 ALU is a water-based solution that leverages the power of Nature Boost.

Nature Boost is a raw material derived from plant extracts. It is exclusive to Bio-Circle and can be used to clean ink, paint, rubber marks, tar, wax, resins, carbon, soot, pastes, adhesives and many other hard-to-clean contaminants. By using a bio-renewable product such as CB 100 ALU with Nature Boost, the resultant by-products float to the surface, allowing workers to easily skim the contaminants out of the cleaning solution.

CB 100 ALU lasts five times longer than solvent and petroleum-based cleaning products and is a safer, VOC-free, non-flammable and softly scented solution. It can be used with industrial parts washing machines, immersion tanks and ultrasonic baths. CB 100 ALU is designed to work well at room temperature or heated, is non-corrosive and biodegradable. 

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