Black Oxide System Recycles Process Rinse Waters

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Posted on: 3/23/2011

Black Oxide System That Recycles Process Rinse Waters


Lumiclad electroless black oxide process for aluminum

Lumiclad electroless black oxide process for aluminum

The new Lumiclad electroless black oxide process for aluminum is now available in a new zero-discharge configuration that totally eliminates the need for a drain connection, according to manufacturer Birchwood Casey. The system uses ion exchange technology to purify and recycle the rinse waters, resulting in a “closed-loop” zero-discharge installation. The technology is available for all size systems, including 40-gal, 100-gal and larger capacity custom tank systems.

The Lumiclad process is an alternative to black anodizing for aluminum components. This 30-minute process produces a durable, satin black finish that is 1.5 microns thick, with a smooth, clean surface that is electrically conductive and tightly adherent to the aluminum substrate. 

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