BLOW MOLDING: New Name in PET Stretch-Blow Machines

Mould & Matic Solutions expands beyond injection, blow, and thermoforming molds and auxiliary automation.

Mould & Matic Solutions GmbH, part of the Haidlmair group in Michelsdorf, Austria, has expanded in the past year beyond injection, blow, and thermoforming molds and auxiliary automation to building integrated (one-stage) injection stretch-blow molding machines for PET bottles.

Responding to customer requests, the company developed a linear system utilizing injection and clamping equipment and controls from Engel Austria. The modular design can include clamping from 80 to 400 tons and produce bottles from 5 ml to 10 L size at rates from 500 to 10,000 bottles/hr. The Blowliner machine offers high productivity with up to four rows of preform cavities for up to 32 or even 64 cavities for small bottles. The hybrid electric/hydraulic system includes a fully servo-driven blowing station and is said to provide high energy efficiency and short changeover times. The company also designs preform molds with conformal cooling in the cores for fast cycles. And it can provide custom automation for finished bottle handling. Although the machine was designed for PET, Mould & Matic ( is now looking at PP, PP/nylon barrier bottles, and HDPE.