Book Review: "Critical Cleaning" Makes a Comeback

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Posted on: 8/12/2011

Cleaning products during manufacturing is essential for performance and optimal quality, yet there are surprisingly few go-to publications in the industry.


Handbook for Critical Cleaning, Second Edition

Handbook for Critical Cleaning, Second Edition

Cleaning products during manufacturing is essential for performance and optimal quality, yet there are surprisingly few go-to publications in the industry. Since its publication in 2000, “Handbook for Critical Cleaning” has been the Bible of cleaning within industrial processes, and fans will be thrilled to see this newly updated second edition.


“Handbook for Critical Cleaning, Second Edition,” released by CRC Press/Taylor and Francis and edited by cleaning veterans and Process Cleaning columnists Barbara and Ed Kanegsberg, provides new information and expert perspectives on cleaning chemistries, equipment, processes and applications.
The Kanegsbergs provide overview chapters and a trained eye for the collection of papers, resulting in a complete and balanced perspective to help readers achieve value-added cleaning. The 75 contributors include a variety of voices and (sometimes differing) viewpoints, including that of component manufacturers, cleaning chemistry and system suppliers, people in regulatory agencies, and an array of cleaning consultants.
A few chapters of the book have been reprinted from the first edition, but most chapters are new or have been substantially updated.
The book is divided into two volumes: Volume 1, Cleaning Agents and Systems, gives manufacturers a practical understanding of the variety and functions of cleaning chemistries, and cleaning, rinsing and drying equipment. Topics include aqueous, solvent and “non-chemical” approaches. Volume 2, Applications Processes, and Controls, addresses how to implement, validate, monitor and maintain a critical cleaning process. Specific manufacturing topics in this part include cleanrooms, materials compatibility, worker safety, sustainability and environmental constraints.
The book has been updated to addresses today’s manufacturing challenges, including ever-increasing performance requirements, miniaturization, complex supply chain, economic pressures and safety/environmental constraints. It offers multiple perspectives to help manufacturers make sound business decisions that optimize productivity, quality, cost-effectiveness and competitiveness of new and existing cleaning processes.
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