Chemeon Introduces Trivalent Chromate Surface Technologies

Chemeon Surface Technology introduces its TCP-HF RTU (hexavalent-free/ready-to-use) trivalent chromate alongside a novel trivalent colorant.

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Chemeon Surface Technology LLC, provider of surface engineering solutions for light metals, introduces its TCP-HF RTU (hexavalent-free/ready-to-use) trivalent chromate alongside a novel trivalent colorant that is patent pending. The products are designed to offer a consistent, stable and environmentally safe trivalent chromate alternative to hexavalent chromates as a conversion coating and seal.

Chemeon TCP-HF RTU is a ready-to-use version of TCP-HF. Unlike other ready-to-use trivalent chromates, the company says, the pH has been pre-set and stabilized during the manufacturing process so that the chemistry produces optimum coatings without the need to analyze and adjust the chemistry.

Adding Chemeon’s colorant to the TCP-HF bath is designed to provide stability that produces trivalent chromium conversion coatings in various shades of blue on the surface of aluminum parts. The company’s corrosion-resistant coatings meet salt spray, low electrical resistance and paint adhesion requirements of MIL-DTL-5541 and MIL-DTL-81706.

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