Cleaner to Replace Toluene

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Posted on: 6/6/2008

Vertec BioSolvents has released its new ELSOL-LQ blend.

Vertec BioSolvents has released its new ELSOL-LQ blend. The bio-based product is said to have superior cleaning capability over toluene when cleaning lacquers used in the coatings markets. Testing has been completed on the product versus toluene as a cleaning solvent for lacquers by several major manufacturers, and it was found to clean lacquers faster, and with less solvent usage than toluene. The products is entirely bio-based, made from green, carbon-neutral, sustainable chemistry designed to be completely biodegradable. It is an EPA-approved SNAP solvent that contains no HAPS and no environmentally hazardous chemicals. It is also said to be a completely safe, non-toxic and non-carcinogenic alternative to petroleum-based solvents.

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