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Posted on: 7/15/2014

NUM's Flexium+8 dual-channel CNC kernel is said to provide high levels of control flexibility.


NUM's Flexium+8 dual-channel CNC kernel is said to provide high levels of control flexibility. Both channels are used to control a spindle motor while four simultaneously interpolated axes are passed from one channel to the other. It simplifies the design of complex machines with multiple synchronization requirements, such as thread or gear cutters, eliminating the need for a second CNC kernel.

NUMSafe is a functional safety architecture that is compatible with Flexium+ CNC systems. It provides machine builders with a means of implementing safety functions and can be scaled to suit most types of machine tools, regardless of complexity or the number of axes, the company says. The safety PLC and safety I/O modules can be contained within the same standard terminal as other elements of the control system. Software development uses the same tools used to commission the CNC, PLC, drives and I/O modules.

Also available is the NUMRoto tool grinding software, which includes functions for tools with complex geometry such as multi-helical end mills with variable width flute areas. The software accommodates new types of gash out on drills and form cutters, enabling the grinding wheel to follow the tool’s ballnose or corner radius to create a defined rake angle along the radius and the gash out. 

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