CoreX2 Measures in Real-Time on Shop Floor

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Posted on: 2/28/2013

George Products Company has added the CoreX2 to its product line.


George Products Company has added the CoreX2 to its product line. The CoreX2 has a field of view of 3.40” × 2.80” allowing users to measure parts up to an accuracy of ± 0.0002 with all measurements instantly and simultaneously compared with dimensional tolerances and then reports pass, warn or fail. Using OASIS-Link capabilities in the OASIS software, parts of up to 6 ½” in length can be measured and reported.


The CoreX2 uses edge detection and geometric recognition algorithms to automatically measure in real-time on the shop floor, making it faster and more accurate than conventional methods. No matter how many dimensions are on the part, this machine inspects them all in a fraction of a second.

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