Floating Insulation Saves Tank Heat

Caparo hexagonal floats are used in pickling, chlorinating, anodizing, plating and hot water rinsing processes.



With colder temperatures around the corner this may be the perfect time to look at introducing heat-saving products into your tank operations. 

Available in 50 or 100-mm sizes, Caparo hexagonal floats are designed for use in pickling, chlorinating, anodizing, plating and hot water rinsing processes. Floating insulation in the form of hexagonal, self-sealing floats can greatly improve the thermal efficiency of these processes, the company says, which can mean significant savings in energy costs.

Caparo Clamps says that in an average installation, the pay-back period for floating insulation can be as quick as one month. The floats are made of expanded polypropylene and can be used continuously at temperatures up to 212° F without softening. 

For more information or for a free sample, email info@caparoclampsusa.com; call 973-439-1833 or vist www.caparoclampsusa.com.

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