Gloss Meter Designed to Simplify Gloss Measurement

The micro-gloss meter features smart functions and intuitive menu operations designed to make gloss measurement an easy task.

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The micro-gloss meter features smart functions and intuitive menu operations designed to make gloss measurement an easy task. The smart-chart software is the ideal tool for smart communication with documentation and data analysis. 

The gloss meter's calibration standard is always protected in the holder of the micro-gloss. The intelligent auto diagnosis of the gloss meter is a unique feature that guarantees long-term calibration stability and tells you when to calibrate. It even checks whether the standard is clean. 

With the micro-gloss gloss meter you can measure any material—paints, plastics or brightened metals. Its expanded range measures from high-matte to mirror-like reflection of up to 2000 gloss units, automatically and without additional calibration. 

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