Gold Probe Enables Flexible Measurements

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Posted on: 8/21/2013

Zeiss Metrology offers the Vast XTR gold probe for flexible, accurate measurements.


Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology offers the Vast XTR gold probe for flexible, accurate measurements. Featuring an integrated rotary axis, the probe turns the stylus system in the direction of the feature being measured and adjusts to complex workpieces. An integrated swivel joint enables the stylus system to turn in 15-degree increments, and the value can be configured for virtually any angle for special applications.

The probe supports the “navigator” function which optimizes measuring speed for the desired accuracy as well as the “performance” function which enables styli to scan interrupted contours. It is said to be well-suited for parts with many features and angular positions such as those on helicopter and locomotive gear housings, as well as rotationally symmetrical workpieces such as wind power turbines. The probe accommodates long, heavy styli ranging to 350-mm long and weighing as much as 500 g, and is available for the Accura II, GageMax, Prismo and MMZ T II Zeiss systems.

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