Handheld Tool for Point of Process Metal Film Thickness and Composition Measurement

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Posted on: 10/30/2006

System HMX, is a handheld XRF film thickness and composition analysis tool.

System HMX, is a handheld XRF film thickness and composition analysis tool. The HMX allows the user to take the Lab to the process by delivering the speed, power and precision of XRF analysis, wherever and whenever it is needed. The tool is an XRF solution for measurement of large (even giant) samples. It provides at-process measurement for QC, plating line, and analysis lab applications and at-sample analysis in the factory or in the field along with alloy sorting and alloy identification for substrate materials management. In addition the HMX’s Unique “Batch Measurement” mode lets you calculate the average thickness of a batch of small parts with a single measurement. Simply “point and shoot” and the analyzer automatically generates an average thickness for the entire lot.

The XMH Handheld XRF is part of Matrix Metrologies complete family of x-ray fluorescence thickness and composition and WEEH/RoHS compliance measurement tools.


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