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Posted on: 7/6/2013

BL series


The Yama Seiki horizontal boring mill machine, the BL series, is offered in two types of boring spindle: the quill–BL-S series and the ram-type–BL-FM series. The BL-S series machine adapts with 22/26 kW (30/35 HP, cont. /30 min. rating ) step-less variable speed range with two step gear box up to 2400 rpm. The spindle is ¢ 120 mm (4.7”) of quill diameter with 600 mm travel—which provides high rigidity and stability for heavy cutting applications. The quill shaft has been well nitrogenized for long-term application purposes.

The BL-FM series machine adapts with 22/25 kW (30/35HP, cont. /30 min. rating) step-less variable speed range up to 6,000 rpm in a 480 × 480 mm square section. The spindle temperature is controlled by an oil spindle chiller. The 40-tool automatic tool change system is standard on the BL series. The ATC is located outside of working area in order to keep coolant and chips off the magazine and tool change arm. Random selecting tool eliminates indexing time for tool magazine. The column and the bed are specially designed to meet the rigid requirements for heavy-duty machining. All casting had been fully annealed to guarantee long term accuracy for this precise machine. The working capacity is 78.4”~157.48 x 70.9” (opt. 94/5” x 51.2” (opt. 70”) x 23.6” with maximum table load of 22,000 lbs.

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