Immersible Pumps Offer High Hydraulic Efficiency

Filter Pump Industries – Sur/Fin 2014, Booth 829

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Penguin Series P-HF CPVC vertical immersible pumps from Filter Pump Industries are designed to offer high hydraulic efficiency and are self-priming when fully immersed in liquid. Standard motors are three-phase, totally enclosed and fan-cooled. The pumps are suitable for pumping, agitating, filtering or recirculating acid and alkaline solutions to 180°F.

Available in 7 ½ to 15 hp with flows to 419 gpm, the P-HF pump can withstand pressures to 163 ft. Standard features include a mounting bracket, discharge piping assembly and suction strainer. An oversized bottom motor bearing minimizes shaft alignment problems. An air purge port located at the bottom motor end-bell side extends the motor bearing. The pump is said to be easy to install and requires minimal tank space, saving valuable floor space.

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