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Catalog has over 220 pages of company's products and services.

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Catalog has over 220 pages of company's products and services. Product range includes Coating Physical Test Equipment, Coating Inspection Equipment and Industrustrial Metal Detectors. Catalog is arranged in the order of how the equipment would be used within the relevant industry. Also, in each section, the products have been arranged in the order of use. Also included is a table of contents and an appendix making each product easy to find.

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Can Electroplated Fe-C be an Environmentally Friendly Alternative to Hard Chromium and DLC Coatings?

Electroplated FeC is an efficient surface treatment based on non-aggressive chemicals with a deposition rate of ~20 μm/h at a process temperature of 50°C.  The FeC coating is carbide-free and temperature stable up to ~250°C with a hardness of 750 HV, which is comparable to frequently applied hardened steels.  The FeC coating has reasonable friction properties and have high affinity towards lubricants because of incorporated amorphous carbon.  Hence, for certain applications, the FeC coating might be an interesting wear-protective alternative to hard chromium and to PVD-deposited low-friction diamond-like carbon coatings (DLC’s), which are rather difficult and costly to deposit on larger items.