Manual Powder Spray System

The Encore powder spray system features a plug-and-play design for ease of use and improved productivity.

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The Encore powder spray system features a plug-and-play design for ease of use and improved productivity. It includes a lightweight gun with On-Gun controls and display, a highly efficient pump and simple yet flexible controls with digital, closed-loop flow control, the company says.

The back of the gun features a keypad and display. Included is a mode selection button with icons that show the operator which mode is engaged, a blue LED display that indicates values in each mode and a gun purge button.

The system gives operators complete control in hand, with everything in front. The operator’s focus remains on the part being coated with more control, accuracy and repeatability than ever before. The mode selection button lets the operator select between powder flow control and recipe preset control. An auxiliary trigger works in conjunction with either mode.

In the flow control mode, this trigger enables the operator to increase or decrease powder flow on the fly, with a digital display that shows exactly the setting at all times. Moving the auxiliary trigger upward or downward, respectively, increases or decreases powder flow.

In the recipe select mode, the auxiliary trigger permits selection of the recipe of parameters already chosen and saved via the main operator interface panel. Every parameter—powder flow, voltage and current limit—can be preset either individually or predetermined via a touch of a button for one of the select charge technology settings, which is to recoat, or for close-in coating and deep cavity coating operations. 

As many as 20 presets are available to help optimize the coating operation for any part configuration and consistent, repeatable coating coverage. Yet, if only a few presets are required, the auxiliary trigger will step the operator through only those—without unnecessary, time-wasting motions.

The Encore control unit features primary electronic and pneumatic components that reside in one enclosure and a compact operator interface panel in another, connected by an interface cable. The control unit allows the operator to match the spray pattern to the part by choosing either “smart flow” or “classic flow” modes.

The control unit’s digital closed-loop flow control adjusts airflow to the pump, regardless of fluctuations in plant air pressure, to maintain consistent, repeatable powder flow.

According to the manufacturer, the Encore pump, its smallest pump, is designed for a high level of powder coating performance. It provides a soft spray pattern that is said to consistently deliver and quality finishes.