MATERIALS: Cable Compound Technology Supports Extra High Voltage Direct Current Transmission

A next-generation extruded cable compound technology has been developed by Borealis and ABB.

Touted as a true step-change high-voltage direct current (HDVC) innovation based on the Borlink technology platform from Borealis, Port Murray, N.J., is the result of the latter working in concert with Swiss power and automation technology leader ABB (U.S. office in Cary, N.C).

            Supported by a 15-yr track record of proven operational excellence and industy leadership in extruded HVDC materials, this major HVDC innovation will support the further integration of renewable energies into the grid and the establishment of more interconnections among countries in  major infrastructure projects around the world, according to the partners. The new grade, Borlink LS4258DCE, is an unfilled crosslinked polyethylene (XLPE) compound based on the enhanced base resin technology Supercure. The compound is designed to provide higher cable production efficiency in terms of a shortened cable production cycle, enabled by a significant reduction of degassing burden and improved scorch performance

            Borealis anticipates that LS4258DCE will provide cable makers with step-change technical benefits as well as more efficient and more streamlined means of production. This compound, along with the accompanying HVDC semicon Borlink LE0550DC, is said to enable the use of extruded cable technology at significantly higher voltage and transmission levels in instances where paper cables are traditionally used. This allows transmission over longer distances and grid integration of remote renewable energy generation. Successful type test qualification of an extruded cable system has been achieved at 525kV on Borlink LS4258DCE and Borlink LE0550DC. This key performance indicator is made possible by the unique character of the compound providing a high level of both chemical and physical cleanliness to achieve the envisioned step-change in electrical performance.  (908) 850-6200 •; (919) 829-4431•

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