Measurement System Eases In-production Plating Bath Analysis

The unit provides time savings compared to other analytical methods.

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Fischer Technology’s high-precision X-ray fluorescence (XRF) measurement system is suitable for analyzing the metallic content of plating solutions. Equipped with the solution analysis cell, the unit provides time savings compared to other analytical methods, according to the company. In order to apply coatings at a well-defined plating rate and composition, electroplating companies must monitor and control the formulation of their plating baths very closely. For example, metallic coatings such as AuCuCd, AuCuIn or RhRu must be applied absolutely homogeneously over the entire surface to ensure an even color finish. The instrument is designed for easy handling, enabling direct bath analysis during production without specially qualified personnel. Measurement results are available within minutes, which provides short reaction times regarding changing the bath. In addition, the cells are resistant against chemicals and can be reused.

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