Met-Chem Waste Treatment Equipment

Originally titled 'Waste Treatment Equipment'

Met-Chem and its sister companies, Auto Technology and Poly Products, will exhibit a variety of products at SUR/FIN 2012, including Met-Chem's waste treatment equipment.

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Met-Chem and its sister companies, Auto Technology, Poly Products and Samsco, will exhibit a variety of products at SUR/FIN 2012.

Met-Chem will showcase its waste treatment equipment, including filter presses, clarifiers, sludge dryers, complete systems and component parts. In addition to finishing equipment, Auto Technology will display its corrosion, spray, immersion and multi-gas testing equipment designed to perform a variety of environmental tests.

Poly Products will feature its ET-III-W atmospheric evaporator and heated tank system for recovering process dragout, and the ET-III-W-K (PVDF) model, which is suited for more corrosive, aggressive solutions. The evaporator is available alone, with a variety of options and accessories, or with the heated tank as part of a turnkey system.

Samsco will display its SWEII thermal evaporator, which is designed for consistent operation, minimal clean-out, high efficiency and ease of maintenance. 

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