Military-Grade Aluminum Conversion Coating Technology Introduced to HVAC Market

Metal Processing International (MPI) and Chemeon Surface Technology team up to bring a new thin-film conversion coating to the HVAC market.

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Metal Processing International (MPI), and Chemeon Surface Technology, a global leader in the use of proprietary, military-grade trivalent chrome conversion coatings, have formed a technological and business alliance to bring advanced aluminum conversion coating technology to the HVAC market through FinKoteCC (conversion coating).

FinKoteCC is a thin-film conversion coating (200-500 uM) designed to form a passive, nano-crystaline layer on the surface of the heat exchanger and is said to extend the life of aluminum alloys in the presence of mild to moderate chloride corrosion. According to MPI, the passive FinKoteCC layer minimizes the development of oxides when water and salt are on the surface.

The companies team up to provide coating options like FinKoteCC for aluminum products used extensively for indoor evaporators, outdoor condensing coils and other aluminum, heat exchanger applications.

FinKoteCC is exclusively available from and


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