Mocap Single-Use, Reusable Masks Available in Multiple Materials

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Posted on: 3/4/2014
Originally titled 'Single-Use, Reusable Masks Available in Multiple Materials'

Mocap manufactures a variety of masking protection products in a selection of materials, shapes and sizes.


Mocap manufactures a variety of masking protection products in a selection of materials, shapes and sizes. The company’s single-use vinyl caps and plugs resist temperatures as high as 475°F (246°C). EPDM rubber caps and plugs also are usable at temperatures to 475°F (246°C), while silicone rubber caps and plugs perform in temperatures exceeding 600°F (316°C). Both EPDM and silicone masks are reusable in most processes.

Mocap also produces lines of high-temperature polyester and polyimide tapes and discs, and silicone rubber tubing. The company also has added a line of paper caps and plugs as an inexpensive and recyclable masking solution.

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