Modular Skid Conveyor System

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Posted on: 4/18/2011

The new Eisenmann modular skid conveyor system VarioLoc is manufactured with fewer components, which the company says drastically reduces the maintenance required.


Modular skid conveyor system

Modular skid conveyor system



The new Eisenmann modular skid conveyor system VarioLoc is manufactured with fewer components, which the company says drastically reduces the maintenance required. Thanks
to the flexibility of the system, it is also possible to vary production throughput requirements.

Conventional conveyor systems are comprised of many different components such as drives, actuators and sensors. In buffer and storage zones, it’s important to maintain each system, even though they may only be used sporadically. Eisenmann has simplified design of the VarioLoc so that there are less components to maintain.

VarioLoc is designed to be low-cost and easy to maintain, thanks to carefully considered use of mechanical and control components, the company says. Due to its flexible design, it can respond to varying plant production throughputs and can be efficiently converted to skidless transport of vehicle bodies, allowing for a considerable reduction in energy demand.

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