Non-Chrome Micro Layer Corrosion Protection

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Posted on: 5/6/2011

The display will feature products coated using the variety of systems available from Dörken.


Non-chrome micro layer corrosion protection systems

Dörken Corp.will exhibit its complete line of non-chrome micro layer corrosion protection systems. The display will feature products coated using the variety of systems available from Dörken.
Delta-Protekt® Series, an inorganic basecoat and topcoat system, including the KL 100 Series—inorganic basecoat suitable for steel, steel with a suitable passivation, iron and steel castings. The VH 300 Series—specially designed as a topcoat for zinc-flake systems. The VH 350 Series—topcoat for electroplated zinc and zinc alloys with a suitable passivation, stainless steel, aluminum and its alloys with a passivation and magnesium with a passivation.
The display will also feature samples coated with the Delta-Tone® an inorganic zinc-flake basecoat system, Delta-Coll® an inorganic topcoat system for electroplated zinc and zinc alloys and Delta-Seal® Series an organic topcoat systems engineered for compatibility with zinc-flake systems.

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