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Posted on: 11/12/2008

The Magic Center is a new color management system available for powder coating from ITW Gema.

The Magic Center is a new color management system available for powder coating from ITW Gema. Included in the system are the application controls, the gun mover axis controls and the fresh powder supply. A fully automatic cleaning process reduces color change times significantly according to the company. The OptiSpeeder, at the heart of the center, combines the powder feed and cleaning functions into one compact unit for improved fluidization, and low maintenance pumps deliver powder to the guns using less compressed air, resulting in a softer powder cloud for improved transfer efficiency. During the center's automated cleaning, the OptiSpeeder empties the remaining powder for reuse, and purges the pumps and all of the powder hoses quickly and efficiently, says the manufacturer. The OptiSpeeder is also a completely sealed and closed system, making it a dustless process.   One-button cleaning operation allows an operator to complete a total color change in 10 minutes or less, according to ITW Gema. The Magic Center powder management system is a complement to ITW Gema's Magic Cylinder and Magic Compact powder coating booths. All powder coating system controls are integrated into the Magic Center's compact design.

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