Powder Technology Introduces RAL 8011

Each one is UL Listed and u high gloss and super durable that surpasses the American Architectural Manufacturers Association 2603 Standards.

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Powder Technology in Schofield, Wisconsin has expanded its product offering to include over 100 RAL powder coatings, with each one is UL Listed and is high gloss and super durable that surpasses the American Architectural Manufacturers Association 2603 Standards.


Designed for uniform application properties and superior opacity levels, Powder Technology says the coatings cure at a temperature of 350°, allowing for energy savings versus many other standard cure product lines.  In addition, all of their RAL coatings are high gloss with ratings of 85+; they typically see more than 5,000 hours in salt spray cabinets when paired with their ATP Primer.


Powder Technology offers its RAL line in custom textures, low gloss/matte and TGIC-free Primid chemistries upon request. Visit powdertechnology.com.