PPG Finish System Improves Corrosion Resistance

Zinc-rich electrocoat technology sets new corrosion resistance standard.

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PPG’s DragonHide ZRE finish system is a duplex coating system engineered with a “self-healing” zinc-rich primer between the base metal substrate and electrocoat finish, designed to improve the corrosion resistance of high-end underbody parts and sub-frame finishes on automobiles. The company says the development of a self-healing zinc-rich barrier represents a major technological breakthrough in corrosion resistance. This system, comprised of the company’s Spectracron zinc-rich coating and Powercron electrocoats, has been performance-tested by major auto manufacturers for the past three years. Potential applications for this system are control arms, tie rods, linkages, engine cradles, fasteners and other components that are critical to the safety, durability and performance of automobiles. The system is also designed for general finishing applications and highly corrosive environments.