PPG Powder Coatings for Variety of Applications

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Posted on: 9/16/2013
Originally titled 'Powder Coatings for Variety of Applications'

PPG manufactures a full line of advanced powder coatings suited for virtually any application. Duranar PVDF and Coraflon FEVE fluoropolymer-based coatings are designed to provide brilliant color, metallic effects and a range of gloss options in formulations that meet AAMA 2605 specifications.  Envirocron 03 durable and Envirocron 04 ultra-durable polyester powder coatings are designed to protect and beautify metal surfaces with excellent film integrity, color control, and impact and mar resistance, while meeting AAMA 2603 and AAMA 2604 standards.  SilverSananti-microbial-protected powder coatings feature silver ionic technology and are engineered for metal surfaces that demand exceptional hygiene such as restaurants, hospitals, schools, pharmaceutical labs and more. For more information from PPG Industries, visit Booth 217.

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