Precipitators Separate Waste from Industrial Electrolytes, Liquors

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Posted on: 4/24/2014

Mefiag Filter Technologies – Sur/Fin 2014, Booth 601


Carbolux series carbonate precipitators from Mefiag are designed to provide efficient, cost-effective efflorescence of electrolytes and liquors in electrical and hot-dip galvanizing, metal hardening and other industrial operations. Without affecting production, the precipitator continuously takes a small quantity of electrolyte from the bath and cools it down to a precisely defined temperature. The resultant crystals are then filtered off and the purified liquor is automatically returned to the bath. Then the resultant collected waste material can easily be disposed of in solid form.

Carbolux is well-suited for separation of carbonates, sulfates and chlorides from a variety of industrial electrolytes and liquors, including zinc-nickel, alkaline zinc, zinc ferrous, and acid or alkaline copper. According to Mefiag, advantages include short payback time, uninterrupted production, lower power consumption, reduced chemical consumption, and uniform product quality.

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