Process Tank Helps Prevent Leaks with Secondary Containment Setup

Goad Co.’s “two-as-one” SpaceTank system.

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Goad Co.’s “two-as-one” SpaceTank system is designed to eliminate the need to empty, clean and dry tanks for preventive spark testing to find small leaks. In addition, the system prevents small leaks from leading to tank failure and unplanned downtime. Its “DoubleUp” design offers secondary containment for the tank itself and enables full leak monitoring of the inner tank to prevent undetected, silent or surprise leaks. The TANKeye Inspector uses water underneath the inner tank to assure there are no leaks to the outer tank. This setup also prevents an inner tank leak from rushing the acid into an air void that wants to be filled, reducing leak growth and damage, according to the company.

The company also offers its N-Fuze and AnKorWeld tank lining systems.

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