SensoTech’s LiquiSonic Analyzer Measures Sulfuric Acid and Oleum Strength

This technology is based on sonic velocity measurements.

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SensoTech’s LiquiSonic analyzer precisely measures sulfuric acid and oleum strength with only one single sensor. Applications of the analyzer include the acid production, alkylation, oil refining, syngas drying, fertilizer manufacturing, mineral processing or etching and pickling baths. This technology is based on sonic velocity measurement providing clear and stable measuring results with an accuracy of up to 0.03 weight percent. If the measuring values exceed or fall below critical process thresholds, a signal will be sent immediately ensuring timely countermeasures can be initiated. The real-time information significantly increases work environment safety and product quality and reduces costs caused by acid wastage and failed production.

The LiquiSonic sensor, made of Hastelloy C-2000, is resistant to corrosion. The sensor is designed to be maintenance-free with long-term stability. The installation is done directly into the existing pipe or vessel. The measuring results are updated every second, and for process automation the real-time data can be transferred to process control systems via 4-20 mA signal, digital outputs, fieldbus or Ethernet. 

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