SensoTech’s LiquiSonic Technology Measures Bath Quality

The LiquiSonic technology is based on sonic velocity measurement providing high-precision and stable results updated every second.

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The LiquiSonic inline analyzer from SensoTech measures the concentration of cleaning and anticorrosive agents of acids and alkalis in various baths, enabling an exact re-dosing. For controlling bath changes, it is possible to determine the degree of contamination. If the limit is reached, a signal will be sent immediately. The online bath monitoring leads to high product quality and increased plant capacity. Furthermore, the resource efficiency improves because the energy and raw material consumption reduces. The LiquiSonic sensors can be integrated into any plant system and are installed in pipes from DN 10 or directly into the bath. The sensor technology is based on sonic velocity measurement, providing high measuring accuracy and the advantage of process capability, no maintenance and long life. Measuring results are updated every second and can be sent online to PCs and a process control system.

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