Company will be showcasing its 'DF' Filtration systems.

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Company will be showcasing its 'DF' Filtration systems. The system is said to be totally automatic and responds to wide variations in flow and solids concentration. Contaminated solution is pumped to a diffuser tray, distributing flow across the width of the filter bed. Separation is via gravity flow through the media to a clean reservoir. Filtered solution can then drain to waste treatment or return to process. Gravity flow allows accumulation and settling of solids on the filter fabric. The concave configuration of the media bed accommodates the flow rate and maximizes solids loading on the fabric. As the media becomes laden with solids, the solution level will rise until the float switch activates the conveyor. Consumed fabric is advanced to the sludge box and fresh media is indexed to the solution flow. Media is ‘in-stock’ in various weights & sizes.