Sherwin-Williams JetFlex Elite Polyurethane Enamel Offers Extensive Color Palette

JetFlex offers an extensive color palette from bright whites and neutrals to vibrant effects.

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Newly designed for aircraft cabins, JetFlex Elite polyurethane enamel from Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Coatings is a single-stage interior product, based off of OEM-qualified material that the company says is ideal for commercial and private aircraft interiors. JetFlex Elite is an interior cabin coating product designed to offer subtle sophistication and mood enhancement to aircraft interiors. It offers an extensive color palette from bright whites and neutrals to vibrant effects while providing outstanding stain, high abrasion and scratch resistance.

With specially selected pigments that are more responsive to LED lighting, these coatings create a subtle glow with highlights and colored shadows not seen with current interior cabin coatings. Color tones have been derived and inspired from Sherwin-Williams most popular interior architectural lines.

JetFlex Elite is recommended for interior applications and applies easily to plastic, metal and composite surfaces. Based on Boeing qualified technology (BMS 10-83), Sherwin-Williams says it meets the most stringent requirements for stain and abrasion resistance as well as the FAR / JAR 25.853 regulations for burn, smoke and heat release. Being a single-stage coating, it does not need a clearcoat, yet provides extensive durability against scratches, stains and mars, the company says.