Socomore's Socogel Technology Protect Substrates

Socogel enhances the adhesion in organic coatings and indirectly improves corrosion protection performance.

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Socomore’s Socogel technology are aqueous solutions of zirconium salts, activated by an organo-silicon compound. Socogel are chrome-free coatings that are compliant with environmental regulations and designed to protect various substrates. Socogel products’ B0102, B0202 and A203 Blue are designed to act as “adhesion promoters,” and can be applied on a variety of organic, metallic and mineral surfaces for use in railway, aerospace, energy, automotive, nautical and other industries.

These products can be customized to provide different functions on surface preparation including improving paint adhesion, providing a corrosion-resistant barrier, replacing chromated conversion coatings and performing as a corrosion resistant primer and/or primary coating system.

Socomore classifies these solgel products into three categories including adhesion promoters, adhesion promoters with an active protection against corrosion and protective coatings (with both chemical and mechanical resistance).

The company says Socogel enhances the adhesion in organic coatings, such as aluminum alloys, and indirectly improves corrosion protection performance. It is used prior to a top coat or external pain system to improve the adhesion and protect the aluminum against rivet rash and corrosion.

Socogel is usually applied on a water breakfree surface by manual or robotic spraying and can also be cured at room temperature, UV cured or heat cured on a conveyor or robotically.