Surfox Line Restores Stainless Steel Surfaces

Surfox line is an electrochemical weld cleaning systems designed to clean, restore and protect stainless steel surfaces.

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Walter Surface Technologies’ three additional solutions to its Surfox line of electrochemical weld cleaning systems are designed to clean, restore and protect stainless steel surfaces. Surfox Pre-Weld is a pre-primer that removes contaminants from metallic surfaces prior to welding. With a reduced VOC content, it is formulated to replace surface preparation solvents such as acetone, resulting in a safer more efficient work environment. Surfox Renew restores stainless steel to its original condition by removing rust and oxidation without attacking the parent material. VOC and solvent-free, it is an alternative to harsh abrasive solutions. This solution comes in a gel format, making it easier for the product to cling to inclined surfaces. Surfox Shine is a VOC free, non-hazardous solution that will remove dust, dirt, fingerprints, oils and handling marks and protects indoor stainless steel surfaces. The solution is streak-proof and leaves an invisible dry film to preserve the finish. 

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