Tapered Silicone Masking Device Functions as Cap or Plug

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Posted on: 8/16/2011

Caplugs' silicone tapered masking part can be used as a cap or plug.


Caplugs TS Series Silicone Mask/Plug

Caplugs TS Series Silicone Mask/Plug

Caplugs' silicone tapered masking part can be used as a cap or plug. The tapered design of the new TS Series gives it great versatility and allows it to fit in a range of port sizes and over a variety of differently sized bolts and more, the company says. The thin walls of the TS series tapers give it a high level of flexibility and elasticity--it can stretch over a bolt three times its size and be pushed into a port half its size.Silicone’s heat resistance is unmatched by any other material, making it the only option for some high temperature finishing processes.  

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