Textbook covers design and analysis of structural joints

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Posted on: 3/18/2013

Design and Analysis of Structural Joints with Composite Materials, by Dr. Rikard Heslehurst, addresses critical knowledge for designing and fabricating joints from composites.

Design and Analysis of Structural Joints with Composite Materials by Dr. Rikard Heslehurst addresses citical knowledge for designing and fabricating joints from composites. It covers mechanical fasteners, adhesives, welding and clamping; applied theory for composite design and part-to-part assembly; and design equations, data tables, test methods, and troubleshooting tips.

Starting from the facts that metal and composite material joining strategies differ and laminate, stacking and other features are unique to joints made from composites, this book presents a complete and comprehensive set of design and analysis equations, as well as technical steps, to enable engineers and technicians to design and fabricate effective structural joints from composite materials in multiple configurations. Techniques and data in this text provide the tools necessary to connect, attach and assemble composite parts and products in aviation, aerospace, automotive, infrastructure and recreation. The book covers test methods, stress and damage analysis and ways to improve composite joining systems. Additional features include strategies for troubleshooting drawn from field-based case studies. 

Heslehurst is a global authority and instructor on the subject of composites joining and an senior lecturer at the University of New South Wales, Australia.

ISBN: 978-1-60595-034-1
464 pages, 6 by 9 inches, hardcover price: $195.00
Publisher: DEStech Publications Inc., www.destechpub.com.


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