Thickness Gauges Test Range of Coatings, Substrates

The CMI250 Series offers excellent performance for quality assurance and inspection professionals.

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Oxford Instruments has four new gauges designed for quality assurance and inspection professionals to rapidly, reliably and non-destructively measure the thickness of a range of coatings applied to metal substrates, including paint, lacquer, epoxy, organic coatings, zinc, chrome and other metal platings.

The CMI155 and CMI157 are compact, handheld gauges designed for rapid inspection. With a probe footprint optimized for measuring large, flat areas, the gauges are designed for paint and powder coaters, coating inspectors, electroplating plants, galvanizers and automotive and aerospace finishers looking to quickly measure coatings on steel and aluminum substrates.

The CMI255 and CMI257 are advanced handheld gauges with the ability to measure smaller features and components such as fasteners with great accuracy. Featuring on-board statistics and the option of having an integrated probe for single-handed operation or a tethered probe for taking measurements on hard-to-reach areas, the CMI250 Series offers excellent performance for quality assurance and inspection professionals.

Like Oxford Instruments’ other metal finishing gauges, including the CMI233, CMI243 and CMI730, they also include features such as instant, on-contact measurements; factory calibration; dual technology integrated and tethered probes (magnetic induction and eddy current); automatic substrate detection; IP52 environmental rating for protection against dust and water; rubberized cover for rugged use; and a large display with readings in µm or mil.

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