Threaded Line Vac Conveyor Regulates Compressed Air Pressure

The threaded line vac is now available with NPT threads for use on 3/8 NPT to 3 NPT pipes.

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Exair has added smaller and larger sizes to the air-operated 316 stainless steel threaded Line Vac conveyor product line that converts ordinary pipe into a powerful in-line conveying system for food products, pharmaceuticals and other bulk materials. The threaded line vac is now available with NPT threads for use on 3/8 NPT to 3 NPT pipes. Featuring large throat diameters for maximum throughput capability, these conveyors are designed to attach to plumbing pipe couplers, sanitary flanges and other pipe fittings.

The conveyors eject a small amount of compressed air to produce a vacuum on one end with high output flows on the other. According to the company, response is instantaneous. Regulating the compressed air pressure is said to provide infinite control of the conveying rate. The product is designed to withstand temperatures as high as 400ºF (204ºC). Nine NPT sizes are available and other styles and sizes are available to suit hose or tube. Applications include gas, grain or ingredient sampling, part transfer, hopper loading, scrap trim removal, tablet transfer and packaging. Additional materials include aluminum and abrasion resistant alloy. 



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