Valve Gate Controllers

New Product From: MoldMaking Technology,

Posted on: 10/30/2012


SISE offers a full line of valve gate controllers, suitable for medium to large automobile applications such as bumpers, dashboards and panels. The IS’BASIC commands up to 12 valve gates and two openings/closings per cycle. Valve Gates can be programmed by time or screw position (distance and volume), and a 24-file memory.
The company’s line of IS Cabinets can control up to 20 valve gates and command up to five openings/closings per cycle. Additionally, the more sophisticated IS’TECH can recognize up to 128 molds and store up to 48 sequence files. With six mold sensors, SISE can capture information from inside the mold, allowing molders to precisely monitor valve gates, resulting in products with higher quality and better finish, the company states.
The IS’TIMER, a simple timer based controller, was designed for small applications of eight gates or less.

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