Walter Surface Technologies' Surfox Passivation Tester Incorporates Cloud-Based Platforms

The Surfox passivation tester includes a cloud-based app that can be managed with a smartphone.

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Walter Surface Technologies’ Surfox smart passivation tester uses cloud-based data collection and analytics to analyze passivation levels in stainless steel. The passivation tester includes a cloud-based app that can be managed using a smartphone, which measures chemical levels to determine the degree of passivation in which the stainless steel item is currently contained.

The Surfox passivation app allows machinists to capture data, which is stored using the cloud, and use telemetry to analyze the changing chemical levels during this passivation process. Technicians can then map the oxidation process and track the progression of the passivation state in the stainless steel item and identify if the piece has been fully passivated to avoid rust and corrosion.

The company claims that cloud-based platforms are a way for machine shops to offer more efficient and accurate assessments of how metal equipment will endure over time.

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