Warrender, Ltd.

Warrender, Ltd.

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Warrender, Ltd. Will be showcaseing its CHEMAG™ GF Series filters, which are constructed from SOLID Simona™ polypropylene or PVDF for withstanding corrosive plating solutions and environments. SOLID fusion welded thermoplastic vessels are designed to provide years of trouble-free service with no need for expensive and troublesome relining. The GF Series design offers field interchangeability between horizontal discs or conventional cartridges. Disc systems are available in 5-, 8-, 10-, 12- and 18-inch diameter sizes. Slurry tank designs are available for continuous or intermittent carbon treatment. Cartridge systems are built in 10-, 20-, 30- and 40- inch lengths from 1–36 round sizes. Corrosion proof, polypropylene filter vessels offer years of trouble-free service without costly relining of metallic housings. All systems are equipped with rugged thermoplastic seal-less mag-drive pumps for ensuring a leak-free process.

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