Wireless Measurement Probe

The QuaNix® 8500 is a German-made gage.

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The QuaNix® 8500 is a German-made gage. It features a modular system with interchangeable probes. Users will benefit from the bi-directional wireless communication with the PC, the multiple calibration options especially for applications with rough surfaces and the configuration language setting. Models are available with and without memory (Basic and Premium versions). In course of its efforts to remain the innovator in the industry, the company will launch a wireless probe early 2007, which is similar to its predecessor, the QuaNix Keyless.


Adding the wireless feature to the QuaNix® 8500 is a unique solution in the industry. The wireless probe is an invaluable feature for those customers that need to climb for quality control, for high pressure environments and for those that may want to integrate this probe to their robotic quality control production line. Manufacturers and suppliers of powder coating equipments, custom coatings and custom spray booths as well as, automation for automotive, aviation and marine   industry will create immense satisfaction to the customers by integrating this small probe into their systems. Measurements are taken with the miniaturized probe and transferred to the gauge via wireless technology. There is no need for cables and connectors. The wireless probe is designed to make coating thickness inspection extremely easy.