Zinc-Nickel Processes Offer Improved Plating

Dispol of America – Sur/Fin 2014, Booth 537

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Dispol will feature its IZA-2500 and IZA-250-YX zinc-nickel plating processes. The ammonia-free acid IZA-2500 process for rack and barrel applications produces a deposit containing 12–17 percent nickel and, according to the company, increases corrosion resistance, and offers quality adhesion and ductility on castings and hardened steel fasteners. This process requires only a single rectifier and operates at a wide temperature range.

Also yielding a deposit of 12–17 percent nickel, the IZA-250-YX alkaline zinc-nickel plating process provides improved covering and throwing power. Its formulation enables maintenance of a high plating rate and efficiency throughout the life of the plating solution, the company says.