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PUBLISHED: 7/21/2017

500°F Electric Walk-In Oven Cures Industrial Fuses

The Grieve Corp. introduces No. 826, a 500°F electric walk-in oven, currently in use for curing truckloads of industrial fuses at a customer’s facility

PUBLISHED: 7/20/2017

Infrared Thermometers Locate Hot/Cold Spots

Pistol-grip infrared (IR) thermometers, available from Gardco, are designed to provide quick and easy temperature measurements, says the company.

PUBLISHED: 7/17/2017

Gloss-Meter Specially Designed for Low Gloss Surfaces

The Novo-Gloss Flex 60 gloss-meter, available from Gardco, combines the functionality and reporting of an advanced gloss-meter with an ultra-lightweight remote measuring head, says the company.

PUBLISHED: 7/11/2017

850°F Walk-In Oven Used for Heat Treating, Baking Varnish

Grieve’s No. 852 850°F (454°C), high-temperature, walk-in oven is currently used for heat treating and baking varnish at the customer’s facility.

PUBLISHED: 7/4/2017

PosiTest LPD Detects Holidays, Pinholes and Other Substrate Discontinuities

The PosiTest LPD, available from Gardco, uses multi-function LEDs to detect holidays, pinholes and other discontinuities on metal and concrete substrates.

PUBLISHED: 6/22/2017

Chemetall’s CODACS Original Data Acquisition and Control System and Coolant Tracker Designed for Chemical Industry

CODACS and CODACS Coolant Tracker are designed to help maximize output, increase efficiency and productivity, reduce downtime and improve throughput and profitability.

PUBLISHED: 6/20/2017

Digital Flowmeters Wirelessly Measure Air Usage

EXAIR introduces its new digital flowmeters with wireless capability that use a Zigbee mesh network protocol to measure and monitor compressed air use, trends and data.

PUBLISHED: 6/19/2017

Maxum Maxumizer Air Blower Systems Provide Higher Output with Less Energy

Maxumizer air blower systems from Maxum are designed for powerful, economical air blow-off and parts drying. Maxum's design yields air flows that are said to be stronger, faster and more concentrated, improving efficiency while saving energy.

PUBLISHED: 6/16/2017

Flexible Paint Robot Creates Consistent Finish in Coating Applications

The fast, six-axis MPX3500 robot from Yaskawa Motoman is designed to offer enhanced performance and efficiently create a smooth, consistent finish in painting and coating applications.

PUBLISHED: 6/9/2017

CurveX 3 Standard Oven Logger Designed for Everyday Use

Gardco introduces the CurveX 3 Standard oven logger that offers high-quality temperature data logging for paint curing ovens.

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