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PUBLISHED: 5/24/2016

Exair Air Nozzle Blows Debris

The nozzle is designed with an array of holes provide a forceful 360 degree airflow to clear out coolant, chips and light oils from machining processes.

PUBLISHED: 5/19/2016

Omegasonics Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit Enables Accurate Adjustments

This cleaner is designed to enable operators to accurately adjust both the bath temperature and the exact amount of time the cavitation energy hits the parts being cleaned.

PUBLISHED: 3/1/2016

DISTI’s Recovery System Keeps Flammable Solvents Contained

This series is engineered to run completely unattended for several days.

PUBLISHED: 3/1/2016

Solvent Systems’ Grease Gator Eliminates Organic Waste

This environmentally friendly system has 99.5 percent less VOCs than mineral spirits and is designed to eliminate 1,000 lbs of organic waste/year.

PUBLISHED: 3/1/2016

Solvent Kleene’s D-Greeze Emulsifies Oils and Greases

Solvent Kleene Inc.’s D-Greeze 500-LO is formulated as a non-hazardous, solvent-based degreaser cleaner used to emulsify oils and greases from metal and plastic parts in room temperature cleaning.

PUBLISHED: 3/1/2016

Spec Science’s Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems Cleans Print Gravures

This unit uses nitrogen purge, approved electrical devices and intrinsic safe voltages to maintain safe operation.

PUBLISHED: 3/1/2016

Miles Chemical Solutions’ Remover Cleans Hooks and Racks

This remover is formulated to clean hooks, racks, fixtures and reclaim finishing rework.

PUBLISHED: 3/1/2016

Socomore’s Dry Wash Polishes and Cleans

This cleaner is solvent-free with no VOC emissions and does not require rinsing.

PUBLISHED: 3/1/2016

MicroCare’s Tergo Fluids Meet Safety Regulations

These fluids are designed for faster cleaning at a lower cost.

PUBLISHED: 3/1/2016

Guyson Corp.’s Blast System Uses Robotic Motion

The system is designed with a turntable inside the blast enclosure that is servomotor-driven and controlled as a seventh axis of robotic motion.

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