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PUBLISHED: 3/9/2016

PPG’s Semco Mixer Designed for Consistent Chemical Distribution

This mixer offers one-touch automatic adjusting for package configuration.

PUBLISHED: 3/2/2016

Datacolor’s Spectrophotometers Increase Color Measurement Confidence

The series includes Datacolor 850, Datacolor 800, Datacolor 550 and Datacolor 500.

PUBLISHED: 12/1/2015

Endura's Racking Machines Reduce Worker Strain

These machines are designed to limit the closure gap between the racking jaws during racking and unracking.

PUBLISHED: 12/1/2015

EPSI's 3D Printing Increases Efficiency

This program should enable EPSI to deliver a prototype made from digital material for form and fit testing in as little as 1–2 days.

PUBLISHED: 6/18/2015

Software Update Speeds Test Setup

RheocalcT Test Wizard is designed to create a Thix Index test or a curing test to automatically reduce speed at preset torque values.

PUBLISHED: 6/15/2015

Replica Tape Reader Features Increased Accuracy

The PosiTector RTR P uses imaging sensors to measure the peak density information contained in replica tape as well as peak height.

PUBLISHED: 6/11/2015

Dot Peen Marking System Features Handheld Portability

The marker works for marking around parts such as shafts, pipes and more.

PUBLISHED: 4/15/2015

Gantry Hoist Design Runs Quiet, Provides High Performance

Price-Koch Industries (PKI) offers its standard, “top-running” hoist system design.

PUBLISHED: 4/13/2015

Work Order Software Enables Real-time Management

The Dynamic Work Order System (DWOS) from Dynamic Software Solutions is a complete work order management system designed specifically for the surface finishing industry.

PUBLISHED: 4/13/2015

Design-build Services Support Project Concept, Management Design

Integrated Technologies Inc. provides design-build project delivery and engineering/design support such as feasibility studies and conceptual design to clients for products finishing projects.

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