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PUBLISHED: 8/15/2017

Pocket Tester Measures Water Quality

EcoTestr pocket testers, available from Gardco, feature updates designed to quickly and easily measure water quality.

PUBLISHED: 8/4/2017

Clearcoat Offers Improved Scratch Resistance

BASF Corp. says its scratch-resistant iGloss clearcoat technology combines the flexible, elastic finish and strong weathering resistance of inorganic components with the high scratch resistance of inorganic glass-like nanoclusters.

PUBLISHED: 8/3/2017

Digital Durometer Measures Surface Gloss

The Model DD-5 digital durometer from Paul N. Gardner Co. is designed for timed hardness testing of surface gloss that cannot be measured using traditional gloss meters.

PUBLISHED: 8/2/2017

Paint Mist Separators, Pocket Filters Offer Sustainable Option

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies offers a system, based on the company’s edrizzi paint mist separators and Viledon compact pocket filters, that is designed for exhaust air systems to minimize paint overspray and paint sludge produced f...

PUBLISHED: 8/1/2017

Marine Coatings Line Adds Multi-Purpose Primer

AkzoNobel’s marine coatings business has added a multi-purpose, one-pack primer. Specially formulated for brush and roller application, Interstores Alkyd is compatible with most of the company’s marine topcoat options and is said to be s...

PUBLISHED: 7/28/2017

500°F Top-Loading Oven Dries Piston Rings

Grieve Corp.’s No. 844 is a 500°F (260°C) top-loading oven currently used for drying water from racks of piston rings.

PUBLISHED: 7/28/2017

Air Mixer Features Five-Gallon Pail and Dispensing Valve

Paul N. Gardner Co.’s PM-5 air mixer features a lid-mounted motor and locking ring to securely hold the lid in place. The handle and side-mounted ¾” dispensing valve are designed to simplify mobility and material transfer.

PUBLISHED: 7/27/2017

Automated Mixers Designed to Handle High-Viscosity Chemicals

PPG has added two models to its Semco high-volume, automated mixer line that are designed to mix higher-viscosity, multicomponent adhesives, sealants and other chemicals in Semkit packages.

PUBLISHED: 7/26/2017

Mobile Platform Identifies Color Matches for Industrial Coatings

PPG’s industrial coatings business offers MeasureColor Mobile, a cloud-based platform that combines an app and handheld mobile scanning device to identify color matches to the company’s industrial coatings products. The system is designe...

PUBLISHED: 7/25/2017

Internal-Mix Atomizing Spray Nozzle Covers 360 Degrees

Exair Corp.’s ¼ NPT No Drip internal-mix, hollow spray nozzle is designed to atomize fluid away from the nozzle with a circular pattern in all directions, providing a 360-degree even coating on the inside diameter of a pipe or similar d...

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