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PUBLISHED: 10/25/2016

Hook Organizer Designed for Use as Detangling System

Production Plus Corp displays its new hook organizer from Magic Rack, designed for use as a detangling system at plant loading stations or as a method of secure transport for hooks to be cleaned.

PUBLISHED: 10/24/2016

PPG Offers Dragonhide ZRE Finish System

PPG showcases several products including its Dragonhide ZRE finishing system.

PUBLISHED: 10/21/2016

Pneu-Mech Systems Washers for Liquid and Powder Finishing

Pneu-Mech Systems manufactures custom washers for surface preparation solutions that are designed to work with the customer’s production, finishing and footprint requirements.

PUBLISHED: 10/20/2016

Greenlee Partners with Plotterstore for Mobile Technology Station

Greenlee and PlotterStore have partnered to develop a cutting-edge, forward-thinking mobile technology station.

PUBLISHED: 10/19/2016

Phoenix In-Process Temperature Profiling System

Phoenix’s in-process temperature profiling system is designed for paint and powder-coat curing ovens.

PUBLISHED: 10/18/2016

OptiMix 1 Plural Component System Enables Rapid Change

Nordson offers products for liquid painting and powder coating including the OptiMix 1 plural component system, an electronically controlled proportioning and mixing unit for the processing of solvent- and water-based coatings.

PUBLISHED: 10/17/2016

Mocap Masking Protection Products

Mocap manufactures a wide variety of masking protection products including high-temperature vinyl caps and plugs that are low-cost, single-use masking products resisting temperatures as high as 475°F (246°C).

PUBLISHED: 10/14/2016

Metal Coaters, Metal Prep Offer Customized Coatings

Metal Coaters provides light gauge metal coil coating solutions to industries including appliances, construction, garage and entry doors, HVAC, lighting fixtures, office furniture and transportation.

PUBLISHED: 10/13/2016

Kolene Fluidized Bed Cleaning Equipment

For finishers who prefer batch cleaning of their hooks and racks, Kolene now offers fluidized bed cleaning equipment.

PUBLISHED: 10/12/2016

Klinger Paint Introduces High-Performance Primer/ Topcoat System

Klinger Paint introduces its high-performance, direct-to-metal urethane primer and topcoat system, customized to color and gloss needs.

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