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Charged Aerosol Detector Analyzes Copper Plating Bath Additives
The Thermo Scientific Dionex Corona Veo charged aerosol detector combines high-resolution liquid chromatography with the near-universal capabilities of charged aerosol detection to analyze copper plating bath additives such as the accelerator, level...
New Product Announcements Published: 4/15/2015
Anti-tarnish Process Reduces Precious Metal Use for Decorative Products
Engineered nanopolymers absorb on the metal surface, crosslinking to form an invisible, undetectable layer.
New Product Announcements Published: 4/15/2015
X-ray Instrument Measures Electroless Nickel Coatings on Various Substrates
The instrument can simultaneously measure the phosphorous content and coating layer thickness in electroless nickel.
New Product Announcements Published: 4/14/2015
Tarnish Preventative Provides Surface Coating without Current
The product is economical and safe, being chrome-, VOC-and nitrate-free.
New Product Announcements Published: 4/14/2015
Portable Meter Suits Rugged Applications, Environments
All meters in the HI9819X series have dedicated keys for routine functions including calibration, setup, GLP and recall of logged data.
New Product Announcements Published: 4/14/2015
Industrial Process Timer Suits Wet, Corrosive Environments
For ease of use, the user sets the time with the side buttons and starts a cycle with the front button.
New Product Announcements Published: 4/14/2015
Measurement System Eases In-production Plating Bath Analysis
The unit provides time savings compared to other analytical methods.
New Product Announcements Published: 4/14/2015
Services Related to ISO 9001 Certification
ABS Quality Evaluations offers services related to management systems certifications in conjunction with the achievement if ISO standards.
New Product Announcements Published: 4/13/2015
Adhesion Tester Accommodates Variety of Test Surfaces
The self-aligning P.A.T.T.I. Micro from Paul N. Gardner Company Inc. quantitatively measures the adhesion strength of coatings such as paints, polymers, ceramics, inks, films, adhesives and thermal or arc-sprayed metals.
New Product Announcements Published: 4/7/2015
Instrument Measures Reflective Appearance on Curved Surfaces, Small Parts
The Rhopoint IQ Flex 20 from Paul N. Gardner Co. is a reference instrument for measuring reflective appearance, including gloss, haze, distinctiveness of image (DOI) and goniophotometer curves.
New Product Announcements Published: 2/25/2015

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